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Russia Ex-Proof Explosion Certificate

Russia Ex-Proof Explosion Certificate

Ex-Proof (Explosion Proof) Explosion Proof Equipment

Ex-Proof product For normal operation in many industries dealing with flammable, combustible and explosive materials such as petroleum, petroleum products, chemistry, LPG, natural gas, coal mines, grain silos, sugar factories, timber and furniture factories, bread ovens and factories, or In cases such as malfunctions and maintenance (for reasons such as gas, dust, or flammable substance vapor), an explosive atmosphere occurs. Sparks and arcs from electrical appliances endanger these environments and cause explosions..

Russia Ex-Proof Non-Explosion Hazard certificate – this document proves the compliance of explosive electrical products with the standards, Norms and conditions applied by the Russian State..

The documents required for obtaining the Explosion-Non-Hazardous Certificate are as follows::

  • Manufacturer İnformation
  • Power of Attorney to the organization that will carry out the transaction by the manufacturer
  • Technical information about the product
  • Product user manual, product passport
  • Technical drawings, schematics of the product
  • Copy of Explosion Safety certificate from the country of manufacture (if any)
  • Sample for tests

  • Non-Explosion Hazard certificate is prepared in a special form..