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Belarusian Gost-B Certificate

Belarusian Gost-B Certificate

Belarusian Gost-B (BELST) For the export of products and services to Belarus (Belarus), quality certificates and licenses must be obtained for certain products and services. Belarusian Gost-B (BelST) quality certificates are issued by accredited certification centers from the Belarusian Gosstandart institution.

According to the Law No. 34 dated 30.07.2004 and the articles added to this law between the years 2004-2007, the list of products that are required to be certified has been determined. During export to Belarus, it may be necessary to obtain other documents besides the Belarusian Gost B (BelST) conformity quality certificate for some products. These;

  • Permission Of Gospromnadzor
  • Type Approval Certificate for Measuring Devices,
  • Sağlık-Epidemiyolojik ( Hijyen ) belgesi,
  • Health-Epidemiological (Hygiene) certificate,
  • Registration certificate for drugs from the Ministry of Health,
  • It is the Belarusian Type Approval document for measuring devices.

  • Belarus (Belarus) Gost B (Belst) Conformity Quality Certificate Types:

    Belarusian Gost B (Best) Certificate of Conformity on the Basis of the Party: On the basis of project and contract

    1 year Gost B (BelST) Certificate of conformity. Testing of products is mandatory in obtaining this type of Gost B (BelST) certificate of conformity, and production site inspection can be carried out according to the decision of the certification center.

    5 Years of Mass Production Gost B (Belst)Certificate of Conformity: In order to obtain the Gost B (BelST) certificate of conformity, production site inspection and testing of the products are obligatory. In addition, production inspection or testing of selected samples can be made every year according to the decision of the certificate center.